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The Pahadi Organic is not just a resort, it's a blend of cultural emotions bundled up with sprinkles of nature, built with the theme of organic retreat reflecting the true essence of Uttarakhand, also referred to as "Devabhumi - Land of the Gods". It is located in kumaon division of Uttarakhand

We offer you a unique experience with our "Organic Farm to Table" approach of life. Here you can experience the delicious journey of food from our poly houses and open fields through our kitchen, to your table in the form of lip-smacking Garhwali and Kumaoni delicacies, prepared with love and attention to details. Our food revolution is driven by the locals here with enhanced courtesy to sustainability and authenticity being the key - keeping us true to our roots while serving you with an unforgettable glimpse of pahadi life with your luxurious stay.


We provide a distinctive balance between nature and luxury where you can hike across the trails, experience the sunrises, dip your toes or take a plunge in the waterfall, glimpse into the local culture and witness our respect to our land and food in our fields, or just sip on a nice cup of tea with sumptuous food prepared for you with utmost respect and integrity.


As our guests often say - peace and culture served together indeed!



With lots of love to detail and careful attention, we built this cultural asset of Uttarakhand to create an exclusive place for you, that offers every grand luxury you would expect, without losing its historical flair. We love having people over from around the world, and we hope to offer you a tiny glimpse into the varied culture of Uttarakhand. Right from the way we welcome you, to the state-of-the-art wood-crafted rooms that host you, and an expansive variety of organic, lip-smacking Garhwali and Kumaoni delicacies prepared by the locals of he region, every element at The Pahadi strives to ensure that you have the most authentic, #PakkaPahadi (truly of the mountains) stay that gives you an immersive experience into the Uttarakhand way of life. Snug between rolling hills, the majestic Himalayas, and a pristine village, our property lets you immerse your senses in nature. So, come enjoy the comfort of your room, the view and the unique ambiance of this place with us. Should you need anything, our staff is well trained to assist you in every way. We hope you have a pleasant stay here!




We provide solace and luxury while bringing our visitors closer to the grace of nature. Warm, cosy and delightful - all rooms at the Pahadi are finely crafted with timber, the fine wood. Each room opens up to a balcony with heart-stopping magnificent views. Our rooms offer a view to the unimaginable nature that seems like a well-worsed poetry, surrounding our property along with all the modern amenities like a comfortable double bed, table and chairs, LED TV with satellite channels, and a tea-coffee maker Toiletries and towels are complimentary, along with the hot water supply 24 x 7.  





Come back to a therapeutic massage chair after a day of hiking, relax on the sofas and while away your time chatting with friends and family, or just turn on big screen projector and spend the rest of your night in this delightfully spacious and cozy lounge space, replete with its wooden and antique glory. Common Lounge Area



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Food constitutes the highlight of the Pahadi hospitality. Our restaurant offers a variety of delectable Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisine, delivered fresh from the farm to your table. Every dish prepared at The Pahadi is cooked fresh from the vegetables grown at our own organic farm, while the poultry is also bred in-house, helping you make a stronger connection to the flavours of Uttarakhand. 

Rustic, unadulterated and earthy. With organic produce - vegetables, dairy, poultry and even grains  traditional, authentic food of Uttarakhand, cooked on wood fired chulahs. 

There’s always something new at the table, a new local dish to devour, full of surprises and flavours that your tatsebuds will always chersih. 

Relish the wonders of the cuisine that belongs to Uttarakhand and tantalize your taste buds with aromas and flavours of the valley. Cherish the freshness of the food served to you as you sit and laze around in the property’s large wooden-furnished restaurant with a quintessential #PakkaPahadi feel, and get a glimpse of all that goes into the making of this food through the large glass-windows of the kitchen area. Dining Area 

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instagramphotodownload.com_Neeru_Singh (

Take a glimpse into our live kitchen activities to experience  how every bit of your food is manually and naturally processed  right from the scratch, be it   the famous local laal bhaath , madue ka aata, chaanch, lassi , pahadi loon, and chutneys everything is prepared by hands or other traditional tools. this is the place where all the magic takes place when it comes to the Food. yes the traditional practices are lengthy  and lots of effort goes into preparing the tiniest portion but that's what makes the food real healthy and purest in its form and which help us to assure our guest about the purest food served to them.



We provide a distinctive balance between nature and luxury where you can hike across the trails, experience the sunrises, dip your toes or take a plunge in the waterfall, glimpse into the local culture and witness our respect to our land and food in our fields, or just sip on a nice cup of tea with sumptuous food prepared for you with utmost respect and integrity.


As our guests often say - peace and culture served together indeed!



The farm at The Pahadi is the ideal kitchen garden that you have wanted all your life. With multiple sections housing a vast variety of fresh, natural and organically-grown vegetables, and a small area to breed poultry, you can be assured of the quality of homegrown goodness that is delivered to you here.


four in house poly houses help us in producing enough vegetables (seasonal and non- seasonal) for our guest through out the year.


various open fields  spread all over our 6 acres farm where we grow our major crops like Madua (raagi),  Haldi (turmeric), Adrak (ginger), Lehsun (garlic), Pyaaj (onion) Aloo (potatoes), Arbi (calocasia), Gethi (air potato), basmati rice and Gehu (wheat)


open fields

Another reason and benifit of having in-house Gaushala, poultry and goat farm is to use natural animal manure for agriculture which help us in producing our vegetables and other major crops  in a healthy and organic way


A perfect place for chicken lovers with verity of hens grown  in a natural environment with concept of preventing a disease rather than curing it. our poultry includes desi hens, kadaknath (black chicken) and quails





we want you to be assured about the origin of your food during your stay, enjoy  our free range mutton straight away from our goat farm.


Resplendent with high - yielding cows is unique  as the cattle are fed with various herbs and natural fodder. our dedicated  intention  is that no polluted raw material should touch the palates of our cherished guest and visitors






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The Pahadi Organic is directly accessible from the road. You have several options to reach here. You can drive your own car or rent a cab and drive up to the place. It is situated around 298 km from Delhi and would take about 6-7 hours to reach. The roads are in good condition for the most part so if you have a background in driving on hills then you can definitely go for the road trip into the hues of nature.



There are private and state buses going towards Ramnagar which you can book for yourself. An ordinary state bus from Delhi to Ramnagar takes around 8-9 hours to reach.

There are a few private Volvos also for this route which you can opt for if you want a comfortable journey.



There are two trains from Delhi to Ramnagar which take around 6-7 hours. And once you reach, Ramnagar, you will get a local bus going to the Totam village, taking 45-50 minutes, and will drop you right outside the Pahadi hotel.



The nearest airport is a Pant Nagar (Nainital). Regular flights operate during the summer. 

7055038444, 7900300097

Gram Kholyon Post Totaam - 263646 , Ramnagar - Ranikhet Road,

Talla Sult Distt. Almora, UTTARAKHAND

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